neroNODE Vibration Sigfox / LoRaWAN Internet of Things (IoT) in South Africa
neroNODE Vibration


This neroNODE detects vibration. As an example this neroNODE can be used as a tamper detection device or detecting if pump/motors/generators are running. The neroNODE.Vibration has a multitude of uses in personal home implementation such as door detector, or on home permitted fence tampering. With the neroHIVE dashboard you can track all your nodes from anywhere in the world.



Get notified when your someone tampers with your front door, gate or garage door.

Detect when your generator has bee activated due to a power outage or test the maintenance of your generation by tracking fluctuations in vibrations sensed by the device.

Detect your fence opening by accident or by force. 



Notifies security personel of possible gate and fence tampering alowing better security, and detect when someone tampers with front doors, gates etc.

Detect when the office generator is activated or not, to either indicate that the power is off or if the generator is functioning optimally. 

Detect the usage of fleet vehicles being used when it should not be used, or detect if the vehicle is being tampered with 



Detect tampering of factories. 

Detect tampering of storage container and facilities.

Detect fluctuations or stasis of factory machinery, and get notified should a machine be serviced or have been nonoperational.

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