BACAR 7 2019

Our NODES are taking flight!

BACAR 7 to launch on 12 October 2019 – The Secunda amateur radio club will be launching BACAR 7 to near space. Clearance for the flight was given and the launch window is from 03:00 UTC to 13:00 UTC. The balloon will carry multiple payloads weighing in at less than 500g.

The aim for the BACAR 7 flight this year is  to do STEM development,  Create limited launch opportunities for external parties, testing the new bacarsat frame with sliders and testing supercaps for powering future flights, testing of experimental payloads.

Track our nodes live here on our neroHIVE Dashboard

neroHIVE Dashboard is now live.


The payload has been launched.

View The BACAR 7 event here live!!

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